2018 What’s In Store For You?


Look Ahead. 2018 Reading. 12 cards, 1 for each month. What will your year look like? This will require an appointment for consultation. It may take more than one session. NEW YEAR OFFER $100.00 Schedule on site calendar. I will call to confirm scheduling. Or, email me at: www.moonangel@moonangelmagicks.com

January 24, 2018

Healing Prayer with Custom Sigil And A 3 Day Candle Vigil


I will create a custom healing sigil and hold a 3 day candle vigil for healing. Healing prayers are for more than just physical illness. It can be for spiritual/emotional healing and grief as well. We can also request help with lost love and new beginnings. Healing happens on many different levels. I believe in […]

January 18, 2018

Basic Three Card Oracle Reading


I have two decks that I currently read from, The Forty Servants and The Hidden Realm. You get a choice which deck I read from. This will require a phone consult and and appointment. $20.00 Featured Art is by Waldemer Bartkowiak

January 17, 2018