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Faith, Hope, Love, are the way forward. Start planning now for that whatever comes next. Take the time to face yourself and your fears and see that most fear we know was taught to us by someone else, unless we lived it first hand.

April 25, 2020

Raven Song (Wu Wei Remix) – Elephant Revival Sm 003 – SoundCloud


Listen to Raven Song (Wu Wei Remix) – Elephant Revival Sm 003 by Leyolah Antara on #SoundCloud

April 22, 2020

Linking Thoughts, Soul Speak

Working with the four elements in the path of Initiation means that we approach life as a process for purifying, sublimating and elevating our interior psychological elements. Each element can be a lifetime of study, reflection and experience to understand at its depths, and in doing we learn about ourselves and our path.

February 4, 2020