Connecting With Spirits Before Smudging

Practical Magicks / Friday, January 5th, 2018

Is smudging worth our time? The meer thought that smudging is suggested at all can bring up hidden fears that have been taught to us for as long as the word superstition has existed. It is believed by many that if smudging is mentioned, there has to be a evil spirit involved.

Many cultures use smudging as a way to encourage the spirits to move on. You do not need to be a spiritualist or a shaman to smudge your home and yourself if needed. Many smudge themselves to ward off unwanted energy.

Not everything that goes bump in the darkness is a demon. Sometimes, it is our guides, ancestors or if you experience is like mine, the lost and wandering.

Before you call in the Exorcist consider a few options. The gifts that help you communicate are:

  • Clairvoyance (seeing beyondsight),
  • Clairsentience (feelings beyond touch), clairaudient (hearing beyond normal sound),
  • Claircognizance (knowing beyond what is ordinary),
  • Clarification (smelling things that are not there to smell).
  • Clairgustance is tasting things as if you are eating them, but there is nothing there.

Consider these gifts and try communicating with whatever or whomever it is that is stopping by for a visit. Most people do not have all of the gifts. Some people have no ability to sense the extraordinary. Generally, most have some of them.

These gifts are not the same for everyone that has them. They can also happen in varying degrees. Some of us actually have the gift to be able to see spirits in real time, clairvoyance. I have this sometimes. I have had many conversations with my Grandmother that died in 1991. She visits me in her last state of being, but healthy. We do the same things we did together when she was alive whenever we visit. It has been a while since we visited. Maybe she will drop in soon.

Clairsentience is the ability to feel beyond feeling. This can be experienced as simple goosebumps or actually feeling that you are touched by something that you cannot sense.

Some of us are clairaudient and can hear things just beyond the normal range of hearing. A few summer ago, I was gardening when I began to hear whispers around me. I was alone so I knew to pay attention. The voice was calling a name to me in a soft, far away whisper. It was very clear the name it said. I did call her later that day because I knew there was something you,g on with her and I was being notified by my guides that she needed to talk to someone. However, does not always work or we convince ourselves that the experiences did not happen as we understood it.

If you are not gifted with this consider a tape recorder or an EVP recorder that uses preprogrammed word lists. Consider doing both for evidence.

I find that if the words appearing on the app have no connection to my topic at hand then there are no participating spirits around. However, whenever I get ghostly participants, it is super exciting. I have even had my name spoken from the box in direct response to my question what is my name. This was the thing that finally let me know that these apps can work. I did end up giving a demonstration to help them know what was going on. I was shocked to see that it worked after I gave the demonstration.

Claircognizance is the ability to know things that you should not know. I knew that whenever my Grandmother went into the hospital to have her last open-heart surgery that she would not come home and she did not. Sometimes we know things but we can misunderstand the information received. I have on occasion misread death in a dream when it was really telling me that the person was gravely ill and would die if no medical help was sought. It can be difficult to know exactly what is trying to be shown to me.

A spirit can choose to let you know that they are present through the gift of clairgustance. There is nothing like suddenly being reminded of the taste of my Maternal Grandmama’s biscuits. When I smell buttermilk biscuits I automatically taste her biscuits.

Clairfaction is interesting. There are many ways we can tell which spirit is around just by sensing certain smells that immediately take us to a specific spirit/ancestor. The communicating spirit could have had a job that required them to work around certain things that create smells that linger on us even when we are not working. For instance, florist smells like flowers, a mechanic smells like motor oil and a fisherman might smell like fish. A friend might have a favorite perfume or flower that they always has around them. These spirits can bring their smells with them. It can be the thing that gives you the best clues as to whom it is that wants to communicate with you.

There is no science behind these gifts to help us hone our ability to use them except just accepting the gifts and working with them. Learning not to fear the extra senses was one of my biggest obstacles. I still get startled on occasion. I recently recorded on a voice recorder the voice of a child asking for help over the phone when I was talking to my granddaughter. It scared me because it was a child’s voice. Having lost a child to death I was overcome with fear for her. It only happened the one time. I have tried recording her again with no luck. I wish I had pursued it more in the moment, but my emotions took over and I missed that opportunity. I will keep trying to reach her over time.

Once you’ve considered these options, if you still have not been able to figure things out, it is time to call in a medium to help you get the answers you need. Only after you have considered all these options and you decide if it is a spirit you want around or not, do you begin to consider your options. If you find that the spirit is not wanted around, you begin to work with a Medium or Exorcist to help you get rid of the uninvited guest.

Many cultures use smudging as a way to encourage the spirits to move on. You do not need to be a spiritualist or a shaman to smudge your home and yourself if needed. You can do it yourself in the privacy of your home. Research Smudging and find a way of doing it that fits well with your personal belief system. There is a great deal of information available on smudging on the internet. There are many prayers, chants, scents, feathers, shells, etc that you can consider for your tools. Make it fun if you have time. If you are pressed for time find a medium; they can help guide you through it.

Be Blessed on your journey and feel free to send me email at I will help you get things going the best way I can. Often having someone to consult and plan with helps make us less afraid to take the time to try to connect with things hidden from our base senses. I have decided that spirits that are comfortable living in my house that have no where to return to go can stay as long as they do not cause trouble. Some spirits were prankster alive and remain pranksters even into the hidden realms, but that is for a different article.

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