Connecting The Past To The Present

Services / Sunday, January 28th, 2018

Do you ever find yourself wondering how your past connects with your present and your future?

If so, you will love this reading. It offers deep insights that helps us connect with elements of ourselves that we have lost touch with whether it is a past life or reconnecting with aspects of ourselves that we have lost touch with over time.

This is an extensive reading with valuable insights that helps us connect with synchronicities that we are often aware of but not quite sure how they all fit together.

This reading asks what links us to the past and asks what spiritual lessons can be learned from this reconnection?

Also, it explores who we were then so that we can compare it to who we are now, growing toward a vision for the evolution of our future self.

By peaking into our past and where we are in this life, we reveal aspects of our shadow self such as our needs, fears and desires. This helps us better understand what obstacles are keeping us from growing spiritually in this life, offering deeper insights that allow us to combine the energies of the past to maximise our growth and progress.

This is an extensive and more in-depth reading.

This will require a lengthy consultation and can takes more time to complete. This also might take more than one consultation.

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  1. I had a reading done by Abigail Engel, I needed more information on my past life, i needed to know how to connect my past life to my current life.

    I am truly amazed by my reading, it was so in depth and I could easily connect to everything that was said.

    I was told things that no one would know, It was as if she knew me and knew the struggles i was facing, the best thing for me honestly were the solutions. This was most definitely my favorite reading thus far.

    I highly recommend Abigail Engel.

    A huge thank you to you Abigail, you have changed my life with this reading. I couldn’t thank you enough for putting things into perspective.

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