King Of Wands

Card Of The Day #COTD / Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

Capture the Grail by strength, goodness and free will.

“Whom does the grail serve?” A King that has control and mastery over their elements. He is the strength of the Kingdom personified. He knows what he wants and how to achieve it. His own illumination allows him to lead others. He seeks relationships with people of action. He is very primal in nature. This person is very self assured and aware of his worth. He is willing to work hard for what he wants and he expects others to at least match his energy. He likes to be the center of attention.

If you are in a relationship and you are not making the relationship passionate enough, or if it is too predictable consider upping the passion and mix in some exciting and spontaneous romance to keep your king happy.

The king of Wands highly values originality. If this generally is not you then you are making the right decisions and things are beginning to finally working in your favor. A job requiring you to use clear and logical communication is coming your way.

This could signify that an older, generous, and kind person will offer advice that you should strongly consider.

If this is you then you are finally going to be recognized for your hard working, extroverted, intuitive, and level headed thinking.

This card indicates a time to express thankfulness and gratitude to the people in your life that keep you inspired and that help you accomplish the tasks that need to completed.

The King of Wands can also be a real dominator; he is the master of his own energy, soul, creativity, and life force. He expresses his passions through guiding others with a lifetime of knowledge and experience. His strengths are in justice and righteousness. He is healing and protective.

To him we need to be the change we want see in our lives. He is a serious man that is committed to his family and he is a good husband and father. His goal is see all that work for and live with him succeed in their lives. He gives much of himself to everything he does and he expects the same for others in his circle.

This type of person is naturally a good person, but he tends to be severe in his counsel and/or advice.


Is there someone on your team that tends to be narcissistic, immature, embarassing, over dramatic and easily angered. This person has a strong superiority complex. He is not good with money but has a huge sense of entitlement. He can be very arrogant.

This type of person rarely finishes projects and belittles others when they do not want to give up when he does. He tends to be careless and sloppy. Consider what you want for yourself and those you care about and decide if he really fits into what you are trying to accomplish. Moving on from this type of King will not be easy, but it is most likely necessary for you to find the success you dream of. If this is you, begin the work of facing your shadows and fears and find what is keeping you from evolving into the king you are meant to be. Seeing that you need to change is the first step to creating real change.

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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