Two Of Wands #COTD

Card Of The Day #COTD / Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

When I first drew this card, I immediately wished I could zoom in and see more. On first look, I see two trees with no leaves. It looks to be in a winter season. However, looking closer, I saw what looks like little twinkling lights all throughout the image. To me, this speaks of a period of rest.

During the winter most trees lose their leaves and go dormant. However, they do not die. They are very much still alive. They are just taking a break, building energy for spring in which it suddenly comes to life. I add that often relationships can do the same thing.

In tarot, 2 can represent wisdom. This card, to me, is about using this time to go inside of yourself and use the down time to stop and prepare for whatever is coming up next. It is a time of going over events of past seasons and learning from them. It is a time in you have more downtime to focus on your imagination, creativity and your intuition.

Looking even deeper into the image on this card there is even more life here than the energy twinkling all about externally. Deep within the bark on this tree we see images of people. People in different shapes, sizes.

In this image, there are two trees representing people that appear to know each other and hang out with the same crowd. The images within each tree represent the same people, but they look just a bit different for each tree. Essentially, they know the same people, but they see them differently.

The people in each tree appear to represent people that they both have intimate relationships with as some are naked and exposed and some are so close that you only see specific pieces of them. You know someone pretty well when you begin to narrow them down to specific features. If all you see is a nose it could mean that they are in your business. If you only see eyes they could be peers.

To me, this card is suggesting that and your partner take some time to consider each others point of view and grow in your mutual relationships, reinforcing your commitments within. To maintain balance and harmony, we need to learn how to balance different perspectives.

If your relationships are struggling, have a meeting of minds and consider that perspective could be the key to resolving any conflicts that might be playing out.

If this card is reversed it could indicate that someone is saying one thing, but other people in the relationship are simply misreading the meaning because they have life experiences that make them see things differently. A meeting of minds could be all that is needed to resolve the issues at hand. If struggling with communication, consider that you might need to pay better attention to what others are saying to you as you could be the one misreading the situation.

Make a conscious decision to get everyone on the same page. Become a detective and look deeply at the issues at hand and find what is really going on. Remember we all play a role in our relationships, we all have strengths and weaknesses that can strain a relationship.

If the situation cannot be resolved amicably, it is a good time to consider talking it out and ending it on even terms by agreeing to disagree and moving on without leaving hard feelings on either side.

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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