Finding Gifts Of The Spirit

Soul Speak / Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Everyday on social media, I see that people talk about the fears and dis-ease that comes from things that go bump in the night. We are very afraid of the unknown. I have been aware of things that are hidden from the known senses of others all my life. I lived in fear for a long time. I was told it was the devil. I was afraid because I did not want to communicate with evil. I was, in fact, terrified of it.

There have been events throughout my life that happened that made me even more aware of the hidden realms. Like the day I stood in my living room hearing one of my children calling me, “Mooommy! Mooommy!” I kept saying, “What do you want?” I received no reply. I became frustrated and went to find them. I was surprised when they all ran out of the barn and said that they were not calling me. There is no way it was them. This voice was close, real close. I almost fainted. I had known that things happened in the house that were unusual, but I had never heard a voice that clearly before. I was still too afraid to know more.

I have had many experiences with being touched. I have seen things that I could not prove. As a child, I saw faces of people outside my bedroom windows at night. I still keep my curtains drawn at night because it continues. Over time, I began to see that this was simply not happening to others like it was me. Whenever I spoke of it to my family and friends, they kept saying that it was the devil. I was really afraid for my soul. People had me terrified that I was going to Hell.

Now I finally know that they were wrong. They too just feared the unknown the same as I did. Over time, I studied and gained as much knowledge as I could on these types of experiences. I began to see that there was way more going on than anyone I knew understood, yet I remained afraid, but less afraid.

I finally began to see that I had gifts of the spirit. Reading Tina Zion’s books on Reiki and Medical Intuitive helped me see that I had more gifts to consider. Once I acknowledged them and moved on, I became more consciously aware of these types of events over time, and things began to connect for me more and more frequently. I started seeing synchronicities everywhere. Dots literally began to connect. There was really something out there trying to communicate with me.

Whenever I mentioned the weird things that were happening to me to other people, they kept telling me I was communicating with the devil or it was demons. I finally started to see that most people would never get it. I eventually learned to keep most of my thoughts on these exceptional experiences to myself and I stopped talking about it except to a few people that were close to me.

I know now that hiding from the situation was making my personal spirit weak. I became weary of being afraid. Too much was happening. There had to be more going on with all of it.

I decided to meditate on these thoughts. Over time, technologies developed and information was more freely available and I began to see that I was right. There was more going on here than talking to the devil or plagued with demons. I was simply communicating with the dead. It was an eye opener. I finally sat down with a spirit box app and had a conversation out loud in my living room. I finally had answers. I was feeling the dead all around me.

I now wanted to know why they wanted to talk to me. A few years ago, I had an exceptional experience that changed everything for me.

I had just moved into my current home. I was outside working in my garden. I had to go in the house to get something. I happened to glance up into the field behind my house. When I did, I saw people in the field working. I stopped and looked at them. I knew this was wrong. There was no tobacco planted in that field. I had a sudden realization that they were slaves. They were dressed as slaves from the 1700s.

After a few seconds, one of the people in the field looked up at me. She looked straight at me, and she clearly saw me too. I stood there in shock and awe. She began to talk to the others and they all stopped working and looked at me. In a blink, they suddenly went from standing in the field to standing around me. I swear it felt like we were in another dimension and time.

The same woman spoke to me. Her name was Harriett. She said, “You see us.” I said, “Yes.” She said, “You can cross us over?” I said, “I do not think so. What do you mean cross you over?” She went on to explain that they know that they died and had no where to go, so they all decided to just keep working. They found a peace in the working of the field. She showed me them singing and praising God. They were actually very wonderful souls. They were kind, loving and accepting. I invited them into my home to rest. They followed and my world changed forever. Harriett became a constant companion.

She told me they were brought back during a seance and did not know how to go back. She also told me that my home as well as myself was haunted by the dead. I could not talk to many people about this. It was insanity. She told me that I had the gift to cross them over. I promised to try. One day, I needed to walk to town. I felt really chipper, so I invited anyone that wanted to come to follow along. I laughed at myself. I really was beginning to like having them around.

On the way home, I had the idea to try to cross them over. In my mind, I opened a portal and offered for anyone that wanted to go to step through. It was very powerful. I was determined to do this for them. I continued walking as this was all happening in my multi-tasking mind anyway. I did not know of it worked or not. Within minutes, I was at home. When I opened the door, my house felt almost empty. I suddenly realized that it had worked. They had crossed over. I was shocked. Then I became emotional and sat down and just cried and cried. I felt more alone than I had for a long time.

I did a spirit box session and found that some had remained. I am pleased to say that Harriett had remained. I had grown to dearly love her. Her wisdom was really helping me see my gifts. She is now one of my spiritual guides. I really love and trust her. So much has happened since I met her. My life has changed for the better.

I finally see that it is not the devil at work at all. It is as natural an occurance for me as breathing. Sometimes the dead get trapped in a hidden realm that most people cannot see. They end up stuck for many reasons.

I am pleased to know now that I actually have a powerful gift instead of a curse or a devil on my back. I now realize that people said those things because they also had no answers and they too were taught to be terrified of the unknown just as I was. No one was being mean saying it was the devil. Many were actually afraid for me. They simply did not understand it any more than I did.

Often in life, turning and facing the unknown and acknowledging that things are happening can help us get real answers. They might not be easy answers, but they will come if we open up to them instead of living in fear. I simply reached a point in which I did not want to be afraid. anymore. I wanted to know what the hell was going on around me.

Most people in my family do not like to talk about these things with me at all. Many are still convinced that I am a witch and that I am practicing black magicks. Well, there is no black magicks going on here. The dead simply need to go home and I have been given the gift to send them home wherever that is.

I have learned to just open the portal and let them see their destination not my idea of where they should go. I have come to see that where we go after we die is where we want to go most. I know nothing of the realms they step into. It is different for each one. I find this to be beautiful and reassuring myself.

I now know that I have other gifts as well. I choose not to hide them. I am not ashamed or afraid of them. If others are afraid that is okay too. They simply have not experienced what I have experienced and I understand their fear.

I choose to honor the dead without fear and I have become a better person on this crazy journey. I had to get past myself and the fears I had been taught. I have learned to honor my Ancestors and those that came before me.

Many warn me not to talk about the things I do. I choose to not hide in a closet in fear. I also feel that if people choose to think I am a witch that is okay too. I kinda like it now. I do feel very witchy. After all, it is magicks on many levels. I am not however dancing naked around a fire and summoning demons and cursing people. But, I bet I could if I tried. 😇

This journey has been amazingly healing for me. I have ventured out and met others that share my gifts and experiences. They do not fear me and they really, really understand. I feel empowered. I feel like I found my worth. I have a deeper sense of knowing. I am continually growing on my soul path. I am glad I took the time to step out of my fears and find out what was going on.

Everyday single day, I wake up not knowing what crazy thing will happen today. I actually get disappointed if nothing interesting happens. It really is kinda exciting. There is so much stuff to learn. Now I have people that are learning beside me that also need people in their lives that really get it. Honor your soul path and try to take some time to reconnect with nature and the spirits around you. For me it is as natural as breathing. I absolutely love it.

I’m not saying that there is nothing to be feared about the unknown. I just ask that we take a moment to consider that stopping and honoring the unknown can help bring us more clarity and less unnecessary fear. It is okay to just say that you are not yet ready receive the information trying to come through.

It is okay to reject the path if you are afraid or not ready for it. It is not for everyone. Dealing with the unknown takes a person that is not fear bound. This does not mean that we are never afraid. It simply means that we face our fears and find ways to get closer to the things that frighten us.

The longer I do this, the fear is getting further and further away. Now let’s work on this thing called judgement that makes it so hard for spirit workers like myself to do what we have been put here to do. 😍

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