Just Breathe – Nam Myo Renge Kyo

Soul Speak / Friday, January 26th, 2018

I am not a Buddhist. However, in focusing on Reiki, I have found that I love meditating.

Over time, I see that my first real connection to meditation has proven to still be an important tool. Tina Turner chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo still calms me during trying times.

The first time I really connected with it I decided to play it while I was asleep since I struggled with focusing on it while awake. When I woke up, I felt so much peace that I had to know the meaning of the words in the chant. It was the most peaceful sleep that I had experienced in a long time.

Researching these words helped me not only be able to find a meditative state, it also helped me to more fully connect with the healing energy I needed while doing Reiki.

Based on my understanding, the essence of Buddhism is the belief that we have within us, at all times, the ability to overcome any obstacle in our life; a capacity to transform and become more than we ever dreamed possible. This is so because we are inseparable from the fundamental laws that underlay the workings of all life and the universe. Most religions address these same laws.

The prayer Nam Myoho Renge Kyo embodies The Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra. It reaches beyond a prayer of self and connects us to sacred universal truths.

It reveals that all the traits of the ultimate state of happiness and wisdom, Buddha, have been present within our lives from the beginning. We all possess the power within us to heal ourselves of pain, suffering, confusion etc…

It is a practical way, a prayer, for all people to focus their hearts and minds upon these laws and manifest their transformative powers. They are sacred words that belong to everyone not just to Buddists.

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

Do not worry about how to pronounce them just yet. I posted the video so you can hear it for yourself.

summons the Mystic Law from within ones self.

is the sacred tree in each of us that holds within it a river with all the sacred teachings of the Universe. Myoho is the sacred law of life. To summon it is to bring forward the emergence of the highest state of life.

is the Lotus. Within it is the Law of Cause and Effect from it grows a state of calm, happiness and fulfillment.

connects everything. It embodies the wisdom and compassion of the Universe. It is the sound of the ultimate state of all the above coming together. A combining of wisdom and vibration into one state of being.

To really connect with this state one must become separate from distractions and negative emotions. It is valuable to think of things that we love, those things that really make us happy. In doing this, we seek to reach a higher level of energy within ourselves. This prayer helps us align with these sacred truths. It calms the soul and opens channels that invite healing.


If I have misunderstood any of this, I welcome anyone to guide me in the right direction. It is not my goal to harm but to inspire.

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  1. Abigail is the best I’m going thru somethings right now and she gave me a deep in depth intensifying reading that was amazing the outcome was good I no longer worry so much I’m at ease knowing the outcome that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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