Practical Magicks / Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Arch Angel of Justice, Harmony, Vengeance and Redemption

He is the Angel to call on if we are in a situation that requires reason and compromise like conflict resolution.

Another way that Raguel may help bring justice to unjust situations in our lives by helping us overcome disinterest over things that need to really be a priority by urging us to do what is necessary to work through the issues at hand instead of avoiding the problems.

If we are thinking about or involved in problems like repression, misjudgement, deception and/or slanderous situations, Raguel may be teaching us something about our higher self. Ask for clarity to resolve these situations once and for all. Consider that the lesson being taught might be someone else’s and we have been connected to the situation to guide someone else through a dark time.

Unjust situations like crime, poverty, human rights, and taking care of the earth’s environment are also Raguel’s areas of specialty. He needs people with passion and drive to help with these complicated issues. There is justice to be fought for on many levels in this universe.

Lasting problem solving needs orderly thinking. If we feel overwhelmed and cannot get our thoughts together then dab some rosemary essential oil on your temples and call on Raguel to pull your thoughts together with clarity and certainty.

If our focus is on our higher self and we are learning to meditate, pray, study ancient knowledge, need guidance in grounding or connecting with the divine on a higher level connect with Raguel.

He guides teachers from many walks of life. He offers us discernment in weighing and balancing our options. We are encouraged by him to share the knowledge we gain though our journey.

He can be asked to guide politicians and legal teams toward seeing what they need to do to heal the greater community.

He is said to be a dream guide, catching us in the state between awake and sleep when our minds are open to learning and exploring on a higher level without the burdens of the rules we are burdened within our society.

He offers a deeper connection with our intuitive nature.

Other names are Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Raquel, Reuel, Akrasiel

*Feel free to download and use this sigil.

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