13 Moons

Soul Speak / Tuesday, February 13th, 2018

Whenever I think of the moon, I envision 1 full moon and 1 new moon every month. This year is the first year that I have paid attention to the fact that now and again we get a year in which there are two full moons in one month.

This year we had a full moon on 1 January and a second one on 31 January. This was a very highly emotionally charged month for me. I admit I was grateful when this cycle completed. I knew I had to brace myself for February since it would be a month with no full moon. I fully expect that things could be very interesting over the next few weeks.

Today a dear friend of mine asked a simple question. Why are we afraid of the number 13? I simply replied because we are told to fear it. We read a few things about the number 13 and continued our conversation. We felt a little bit more informed about why we fear the number. I began to wonder that if we have a month now and again with 2 full moons did that mean we get an extra moon.

Interestingly enough I thought that the fact that we had 2 full moons in January and no full moon in February then we balanced out and still have 12 moons. I opened the moon calender attached to this and realized to my surprise that March also has 2 full moons (www.space.com). I was very confused. This still means there is in fact an extra moon this year.

I have never taken the time to pay attention to the moon like I have in the last 2 years. I never realized that now and again we have a year with 13 full moons. This is such a year. I am intrigued to see what is to come of this as far as our emotional energy is concerned.

The first day of March is a full moon and again on the 31st of March we will have another full moon. The rest of the year according to this moon calendar has 1 full moon.

The second moon in January was called a blue moon and I thought that I understood that this was uncommon. I wondered if the 2nd full moon in March is another blue moon. I was surprised that it is not according to the www.space.com article. It is called a pink moon. The pink moon is listed as a April moon, but it happens in March this year.

I have read a lot about the January Blue Moon, but I can find very little information on the Pink moon being a 2nd full moon in March. The Pink Moon based on my understanding happens every year. It is called that because it is the time when the pink crocus begins to emerge from the ground. It is a spring moon.

Interestingly enough further research has lead me to an article from www.earthandsky.org. This article says that every 19 years we have this unusual moon phase. It says that there is nothing scientifically significant about this. It is just the way it works out over time. This article does call the 2nd full moon in March a second Blue Moon.

I wonder what astrologers think about this. January was very emotionally charged. Is this going to repeat itself in March? What does all this mean? Honestly, I have no clue. I have often followed astrology, moon phases and the moon and the tides because I grew up on a river in NC. Now I will pay more attention to these types of things.

I believe this will continue to be a very interesting year. I will be taking notes this year so I know what to expect the next time this comes around again. If it takes another 19 years will I even remember all the chaos of this one? Who knows. We will see.

13 moons with 2 full moons in one month twice in one year and a month in between that has no full moon at all is in my mind pretty spectacular. We can choose whether or not we fear anything that holds the 13th place or we can grab hold of this moon energy and make it work in our favor. I chose to break free of the fear of the number 13 years ago. I have yet to regret that decision. I choose to step boldly into the next and see what unfolds in the moment.



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  1. I will definitely be documenting the way i feel this year throughout the moon cycles, I do hope the full moons in March will be kind to me.

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