10 Of Swords #COTD

Card Of The Day #COTD / Monday, April 23rd, 2018

This is never an easy card to get, but it is a necessary card to pull now and again. It is the death card. Many people are afraid of the card, but I find that it, like all 10 s in Tarot, brings a warning of hard lessons. Only this time, it will be about a completion such as death and endings, loss, and healing.

Sometimes we make plans and have hopes and dreams that things will work out. Sadly, sometimes/many times, things do not go as planned. The situation finally reached a culmination and now we deal with the fallout. Now we begin to do the hard part. We chose whether to face the situation or avoid it. Of course there are other options here too. I’m emphasizing these. I, personally, prefer to face it, but I am learning that there is great wisdom in walking away. Either way this choice marks the beginning of the next phase of your life.

If you chose to face it then consider thinking about the healing process you choose. Yes you can change it as you experience it, just begin the journey.

I have buried a child, as well as many much loved friends and family members. I know first hand that some losses are deeply personal. I am also a Thanatologist, so I have a deeper understanding than many. My need to find answers drew me to the study of death and dying.

I feel deeply one could look at the feeling of loss the same as handling grief no matter the trigger.

Do the work to get through the situation if there is no chance of it progressing. Be careful thinking that there is no chance because the universe is wonderful and can pull off some amazing tricks now and again.

Learn the steps toward healing the loss of even so much as a dream that you really wanted to happen. Lots of things cause us to feel loss. It can even come from a sense of losing yourself.

Its a simple fact that now and again life puts us in situations in which we feel forced to completely begin again. I see no way of stopping this. It is not healthy to avoid situations. Now that this card comes to warn you or confirm what you already knew that the situation was/is finally ending. I promise, you will know if this message is for you. You will feel it if you trust your instincts. I believe that these messages are for the ones that read them. It will fit in somewhere even if you are just being prepared to help someone through a loss.

If you are dealing with loss after loss and not getting time to do the healing work, consider expanding your belief system and call on Arch Angel Raphael or Uriel to guide you through the healing. Light a candle to mark the beginning of you intent to find healing, let it burn completely down if it is safe. Use a birthday candle if you cannot wait for a candle to melt.

If your losses are building and building consider speaking to a Grief Specialist. They will have suggestions that can guide you through the process. Even if your not dealing with a literal death of a loved one, a Grief Specialist knows that there is way more to loss. They can be found in the community at your local Hospice or Hospital. Sometimes talking to someone willing to hear your story can speed the healing.

All this means is an ending of one phase has completed and the beginning of a new one has began. Just move forward. Only you really know when you should move on. Trust your gut and go with your choice. The least that can happen is sooner or later you’ll have to revisit the situation.

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