Ace Of Cups

Card Of The Day #COTD / Sunday, March 4th, 2018

This is a time to address and renew trust, love, openness, happiness, contentment, and the intensity of our relationships.

Aces are about new beginning and renewed commitment. Now is a good time to have successful discussions about things that are important to your relationship like honesty, compassion, opening up, sharing and caring. Now is a good time to tell people how much you appreciate them.

If your not happy at work consider opening up conversations about your love and commitment to your job and coworkers. Also it is a good time to move on and begin again, if you cannot resolve the issues at hand. At work, bringing your concerns to the forefront in a tactful and open way can help others see how much you value their time and efforts too.

Genuine heart to heart conversations can resolve a lot of concerns without leading to hurt feelings and misunderstandings with a friend or family members. Consider communication skills like being tactful, use good timing, consciously measure your voice intonations and body language.

Couples can expect renewed romance if you apply the communication skills discussed here and address the issues presented.

In this deck, the Angel Messengers speak to us through our subconscious. They are God’s Messengers. Pay attention to synchronicities in life events, thoughts, senses, and dreams. Messages are highly important right now.

If this card is presented during a time of trial, consider your fears about communication and relationships. An inability to hear or understand the messages being communicated could mean your mind is too busy or you are not relaxed and open enough to receive the messages coming your way. Meditate and focus on the messages coming to you. Make sure they are not being blocked or interrupted.

At this time, there could be unexpected change in positions and roles. Sometimes change is necessary whether we are ready for it or not.

Strengthen your emotional security or boost your confidence by not withholding feelings or allowing yourself to become emotionally drained. Consider that other people in your relationships might be needing change in the relationship. They might need to say things that they have been holding in to clear the air.

Be careful how much wall you allow yourself to put up during the interaction. Being too defensive can make us seem like we are not willing to try to work with the person that needs to clear the air. Be as honest as you can be and allow both sides to present their perspective.

In reverse, you could meet someone that has feeling for you that you do not share or vice versa. It could be a simple misunderstanding. Or, if your relationship is waning, consider moving on now or opening a discussion about the changes that are needed for the situation to move forward successfully. Realize that people do not know what you want or expect from them unless you tell them. Its time to begin the conversation that leads to real change.

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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