King Of Pentacles #COTD

Card Of The Day #COTD / Saturday, March 24th, 2018

I guess this card is for me too. I actually recently met someone that fits the character represented in this card. I’m so certain of it that I will say that his name is Tom. I know he will not mind me using his name here because he will know that I mean this as a compliment to him.

The Pentacle represents Earth and grounding to it. It generally asks us to focus on finance, work and material things. The King is focused on responsibility in these areas. Being connect to earth The King Of Pentacles is not a man that is afraid of hard work. They do not run from jobs that require great physical prowess. People that work in these jobs work in construction, landscaping, electricians, etc.

The image presented here is Atum, the creator of the universe. The image here is said to depict the universe and its creator. However, to know this story you have to do some research. I am inspired by the King Of Pentacles from a different perspective.

To me the King Of Pentacles depicts men or a women at the top of their game. They are usually in a top position of leadership. They are CEOs, the masters of their field of interest, as well as, having knowledge in many other areas within their lives. The need to know has pushed them throughout most of their lives.

Curiosity is not just a game, it draws them deeper and deeper into their passions. They are generally wise beyond their years no matter their age. Generosity is a virtue they embrace because helping others be the best that they can be is one of the main things that drives them from day to day. They give freely of their time and resources. Wherever they are there will be a storehouse of the resources they need.

The King of Pentacles tries to do right by themselves and others, taking the high road is what they expect of themselves and from others. Good Life Coaches and Teachers fall into this category. Responsibility is highly valued by those that represent this card. This king wants to guide you to be more healthy, more financially sound and to be balanced in your or his own work and home life.

Trust is something that this person will give you and she expects it in return. Generosity combined with sensibility, and practicality are goals on this persons team. If you want a job done right and for a fair price, this is the person for the job. If he falters, he will admit to it and find a way to resolve it in a fair and reasonable way.

If you are struggling, lost and trying to find you way, and you come across this type of leader, stop and give them your time. They will have the skill and mind set to give you the proper guidance. They will want for you the outcome that gives you the greatest benefit.

If this is you and the card is reversed and you are a leader but you are struggling to make ends meet, are over burdened, or have a strong fear of failure pay attention that this could be warning you to stop and reaccess yourself and the way you do your business. If you have serious health concerns, feel that you are just not good enough, take a serious look at yourself and those around you, be more prudent, budget better, reaccess your choices asking what choices you need to make that will get you back on track. Seek a mentor or life coach to help you get things back on track. Do your shadow work and figure out where you went off track and do the work to fix it.

This could also be a warning that a potential or current partner might be draining your resources for his or her own gain not caring what happens to you in the process.

These partner kings use vice, corruption, and weakness to take advantage of those around them. They exploit people with little concern about the damages that are being done. The are conartists and very good ones too. They are the ones that teach the con to the conartist. It is not beneath them to buy love and devotion. There is no true heart connection for this leader. Everything they do is for themselves. At it is no beneath her to make you promises that they have no intention of fulfilling.

If struggling, ask yourself if you are holding yourself and those around you responsible for your and their part in the equation? Are you using your resources wisely? Have you disconnected with your personal values or experiences. Are you still confident in your ability to grow your ventures. Have you begun to live only in the moment instead of looking and planning ahead. Are your vices taking over and draining your resources. Being self centered is not a quality found in great leaders.

If you have begun to struggle in these areas, make changes in your life and seek guidance to get you back on track. If you are about to sign a deal with a partner, be they a future spouse or contractor, reconsider and find someone that better fits the afformentioned good leaders mentioned earlier.

Generally this is a good card. As love is important to the King Of Pentacles and his or her need to maintain quality in all that they do will help you meet your dreams. There are real people like this.

I have known a few and I recently have met another one. I found him in a dream and he turned out to be a real person. I’m excited to know him. I hope you see the opportunities waiting for you when you meet such a person. If you are this person, thank you sooo much for doing what you do, keep up the great work.

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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