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Card Of The Day #COTD / Friday, March 9th, 2018

I’m taking this one straight from the book. It is a favorite.

“The shoes on the baby were meticulously hand beaded, a skill and design handed down through many generations. They were made with love and tenderness to warm and protect the feet, where the body meets the earth. The primary colors in the design are fire, air, and water woven together like the flesh of the baby is the manifestation of the soul, meticulously evolved and perfected over millions of generations. The baby is the perfect, beautiful manifestation of the soul on earth, where the soul and the earth meet, made in every way to survive this life given to us, both its joys and ferocity. Her every strength and weakness fits perfectly into her place in the world.

Shoes and sandals are symbolically rich. Sandalphon is the greatest archangel. He is Metatron’s earthly twin, and both are said to be the tallest angels, perhaps because Sandalphon stands on the earth and reaches the heavens and Metatron stands in the heavens and reaches to the earth.

Empedocles, the Greek philosopher who first established the four elements as we know them – fire, air, water, and earth, was said to have jumped into the firey mouth of Mount Edna to convince his pupils that he was immortal. He perished and did not return, however, the volcano spit back one golden sandal.

In William Blake’s Milton: a Poem, the great poet of Paradise Lost, John Milton, appears to Blake as a falling comet and then becomes a shoe on Blake’s left foot. Blake straps it on and then they walk through life together.

This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Where all of the Pages, in their divine perfection (and imperfection) come together and manifest into the shoe of the physical body, and walk on to experience life.

Have faith in your own abilities, you were made for this. Perfection in form. Be grounded and in the moment. Take your skills and walk forward in life.”

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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