Six Of Wands #COTD

Card Of The Day #COTD / Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

Courage isn’t a lack of fear; it is being afraid and doing it anyway. It indicates a situation that requires courage. You could be beginning to have doubt that you can really do what you have set out to do.

Quiet the mind, still the heart you will find the strength you need to keep going. Once you find the place within yourself that contains your strength and the will power you need, remember it and put all of your efforts into strengthening it.

More responsibility and reward is coming your way. The ones that count are going to see your worth. Accept the praise for a change without worrying what others will think about you.

If you are not finding yourself in a position to receive praise, then this card still applies to you. You are being given a chance to recognize and praise someone that works or lives with you. If your kid comes home with an especially good report card, let them know you recognize their efforts and do something special that lets them know how proud you are of them.

Archangel Michael is in the Six of Wands. His inner fire interact with things directly and with force, vengeance, and righteousness. His weapon here is the flaming spear. The enemy he guards against is the dragon of darkness; he destroys it with direct force and penetrates it with the light of illumination.

Your dragons are whatever opposes you or your situation. In spirituality, the dragons are darkness and ignorance. He illuminates the darkness for us with his flaming spear of spiritual illumination. Michael is the leader of God’s Army of Angels.

The challenge here is to put your own needs first for a change. Do not let others bring you down when they see you recognized for your success. People are well known for reacting out of jealousy when others advance in their positions in life. Don’t be afraid to win or to accept well deserved praise.

You could be helping someone celebrate their well earned success.

In a relationship, you could actually be making progress in areas where there has been struggle. Take some time to celebrate this advancement, celebrate with friends. Spend more time with friends to keep from becoming too isolated from the outside world.

If this card is reversed in a relationship, then you might be in the relationship with the person of your dreams; however, you both might have begun growing and changing because over time you both have changed so much that your values have begun to differ.

Acknowledge the changes and decide if the new views are going to help or hurt the situation in the long run. Sometimes, in these situations, we honor each others differences and give everyone a chance to walk away with their dignity intact instead of leaving with bitterness and hard feelings hanging over the situation.

If this card is not working in your favor then consider that you might be backpedaling or regressing. Look at your situation closely and see why you are falling behind in your progress. There is no time to live in regret. Take the actions necessary to begin moving you forward again. There is time to turn things around. In reverse, this card is a wake up call.

Stop, rethink what you are doing and reaccess why you were doing it to begin with.

Also, if you are on track and you see someone really struggling to try to advance, take time to stop and share some pointers with them to help them get back on track. Try not to judge people that are struggling.

Remember we all struggle from time to time. We all need for someone to sit us aside now and again and just listen to our concerns without judgement.

Mary El Tarot – Landscapes Of The Abyss, Marie White

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