The Star #COTD

Card Of The Day #COTD / Saturday, April 21st, 2018

You are a Star. You are learning to gain control of your shadows and all that has been released has increased your soul vibration to the point that you are actually beginning to sense a difference. You feel the flow of the energy all around you.

To keep your inner star shining at optimum output, continue to improve yourself by honing your senses. This is a big key that unlocks the the gate that leads toward learning how you heal your soul pain. Accepting and in enacting Real change is the way forward.

Now, consider for a moment that your life is falling apart and nothing seems to go your way. Most of us know this story, and those that do not understand the pain of this situation have either risen above it and seen the end of it not once, but time and again. Many that are simply blind to the conditions of others, often, do this as a simple coping method. They feel they are doing others a favor by staying away. There are those that are indeed very blessed; they simply seem to just get it right almost naturally. These are old souls, connecting with them can be amazing.

Many of us spend a lot more time than we realize trying to be who we are expected to be even though our critic is facing the same trouble and projecting their ideas about the situation onto you. Let it be. Don’t buy into it. Let them have their belief. Your journey is to be able to see the situation for what it is and process your part in the lesson. Your parts might mean that you are to release them to their path, whether they realize they are on it or not, and to begin your own unique journey however adventurous it is or isn’t going to be.

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that the more stubborn you are about implementing personal change the harder your life will be. And trying to force your change on others causes chaos. Let others be who they need to be. They to are on a path they just might not be aware of it yet.

Many of us feel that we have given our whole self faithfully to our families and friends. I see this so often in people posts on social media. People really love helping others, but only as long as it does not mean really stopping and helping the way we wish we had when we are in need of help. For sadly, it’s in the losing of a thing that we can truly realize where we messed up in the this case. Ask to know what you did wrong, watch for synchronicities and wait for it all to come together. It’s pretty freaking amazing when this happens to me.

When we are put in need, we are often faced with revisiting those, if only in the mind, that we could have helped and did not. We are, maybe for the first time, made to see our face. Our conscience guides us through the way to heal this wound. It is in the following through with the task of healing that we finally see healing. Face the pain and break free of the situation once and for all. In doing this, you raise your soul vibration. Every time you raise your soul vibration healing is happening within you so feel it, heal it and release it.

It is absolutely okay if you’re facing a task that is too big for you then acknowledge the lesson and ask for more time and thought to be better prepared for it.

I have found myself standing in a situation kind of outside of others fully aware that a lesson is happening and I see it for what it is. It is clear that each person within a situation is faced with a decision. I brace myself in case it is my lesson.

Sometimes this situation works against me and I have to deal with the fallout, but the ones that do not are still memorable. If it is against me, I accept or reject the lesson.

My heart, body and mind are my map through these situations. I use my senses, all of my senses, even the extra senses that we are not usually intuned to.

If your heart skips a beat during a situation, it, likely, marks a turning point for you. If your palms sweat you are likely sweating a situation that you had prior knowledge of or you are about to piss yourself because you really have no answers where answers are needed. There are always, with me, a few situations in which the answers will not be believed.

If your ears are ringing louder look around. A spike in clairaudience indicates a shift in energy. Change is happening even if it is earth healing. Don’t be afraid of it let flow through you.

Let it happen. A fear of the outcome only means you have more work to do so brace yourself. Because it is within the healing process that we break free of even the little things that hold us down. If you owe someone 20 bucks, give them the money and release the burden of it. Chose to do without something to consciously heal the wound and release it.

If you have been in an antique store and felt energy from an item you touched and suddenly find yourself seeing a moment from its past then you have clairtangence. It is always shocking when this happens. Careful, don’t over react and break the pretties neatly stacked on top of it.

Sensing and speaking anything indicates a reaction to something that moved us into action within your own consciousness. We pick the phone up to call others when we feel a need to share or connect with others on the possible outcomes. I feel that this is why getting calls from bots during dinner and always being greeted by automated answering services makes us so frustrated. We feel the loss of the moment and react to it the way we handle loss.

We all know that when the hairs stand up on our necks or our gut tightens it means we need to pay attention because clairsentience just kicked in. It too indicates a shift in energy and tuning into this sense will work to your benefit more often than it will be a detriment.

Clairgustience, have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and get the a specific taste in our mouth of something on a passing food tray and suddenly find yourself lost in a memory. If this happens frequently this can help you find your next favorite restaurant. It might already be why you have a favorite one right now.

Finding yourself suddenly smelling the roses from your grandmothers cologne is your senses reminding you that she is still there with you. Clairscent also raises your awareness to the situation around you.

Goose bumps have always been funny words when combined, but in the moment, I, absolutely and without a doubt, know something sentient just happened and it needs my attention.

Clairaudience, I hear voices on the wind. I frequently find that the words I get are a message that I need to pay attention to. Learning to hone this sense without fearing the outcome has been very beneficial for me.

If you have ever spent a brief conversation with a deceased loved one and no one else was around to assist you in interpretation then clairaudience and clairvoyance (clear sight), if you saw the individual too, assisted you in having this exceptional conversation.

These are natural senses, honing them is your key to surviving the chaos that we purposefully choose to ignore without realizing that we are building a wall of things ignored or placed aside for reconsidering. Begin to work through the items there and begin to clear the room for deeper soul healing.

Many people say that they are not Empaths. I believe we all have this ability innately within us. We have simply lost touch with it. Reconnect with them and you can find true soul healing.

Remember the key to healing often means change. Change can be painful, and this can cause us to fear it. I promise you that taking the time to hone your senses you will find makes the road of life easier to manage. These natural sense are our very own inborn guidance system. It is the key to real coping.

If any of these gifts hit home for you, then, you have at least a few of the gifts that are your very own field if specialty. The secret to your life path can be found in connecting to and honing your natural abilities.

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