Finding Healing In Hardship

Linking Thoughts, Soul Speak / Friday, January 12th, 2018

Life sometimes seems to overshadow us. It is important to try to find beauty in smaller moment while searching for the answers we seek.

When I go inside for deep soul searching, I love listening to meditative music.

I have found that music is a great resource for taking us to a place of deep thinking and calm. It is often necessary to take some time to step away from the situation and reaccess it from a place of calm. Whatever music takes you there is wonderful.

One of my go to contemplative and healing sources is listening to Tina Turner chant the Diamoku also known as the Lotus Sutra.

I turn off all outside stimuli and I find a quiet place to think and just focus on allowing myself to absorb the healing energy of this Sutra. I prefer to listen through a good pair of ear phones. I find it brings the sounds closer to me. I just allow it to flow through and around me.

When I first started doing this I found it hard to focus on it because my mind was too busy to really focus on it the way I wanted to. I decided to begin to listen to it through headphones while I sleep. In a very short time, I found that my focus began to sharpen and the distractions became further away.

For me, the listening to the Diamoku chant, The Lotus Sutra, helps me center myself while I am working through hardship.

By listening to or chanting it for yourself, “The Mystic Law of the Lotus Sutra or Glory to the Sutra of the Lotus of the Supreme Law is the power of the Mystic Law of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, one can transform the three paths of deluded impulses, karma and suffering into the three virtues of the Buddha, i.e., the Dharma body, wisdom and emancipation.

The link offers a wonderful explanation of how this Sutra is used to change the hardships in our life into healing. A journey of hardship offers us an opportunity to go deep within ourselves and reaccess the situation on a deeper level. Once we are finally able to see the lessons we are to learn in difficulty, we are able to find deeper answers that move us into an opportunity for an end to the cycle of hardship, developing stronger, more positive coping skills, thus offering us a chance to see and step into new beginnings.

Now when I find myself in an unsettling situation, my thinking goes to this Sutra and I find that I cope better and I am more able to reaccess the situation more quickly and answers seem to come to me faster. I find that the solutions are closer to decisions that honor me, and I act in a more constructive way instead of just reacting.

Whatever music takes you closer toward healing is worth listening to. Taking time to reaccess how you act or react to hardship will take you closer toward deeper and a lasting inner healing that enhances your soul journey.

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