Revealing Me

Soul Speak / Tuesday, February 4th, 2020
Art By Xiaodi Jin

It’s your story and it needs to be told from your perspective as you experienced it.

Even if you can only see the experience through the filter of a child’s understanding, you are still telling your perspective.  If you tell the story as told to you, you are telling someone else’s story. We remember many situations as we are told to, and that’s okay as long as you had no memory of your own.

We often don’t realize that we are experiencing triggers that were put into place because we were silenced and not allowed to have our own memories, so when we are faced with a similar difficulty the only information we can gauge it against is a distorted memory.

This means we still do not have the tools we need to resolve these struggles. In this case, we should find ways to release our stories whether we do that through creative writing, art, needle working, exercise, etc. Profession can run through fantastical tales of characters that represent those in situations, drip from masterpieces of distorted memories through art expression, or it can be transmuted into pure energy through exercise and meditation and then released. We can also seek counseling and find someone we can trust with our deeper truths, without misjudgements.

Just tell your story as you remember it and allow others to have their own version of the story whether it is what they remember or what they are told to remember.

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