Practical Magicks / Sunday, June 2nd, 2019

Uriel is The Keeper Of The Flame Of God.
For me he is over the element Earth on the Southern Point of The Sacred Circle. He helps us see Truth.
He is an Angel of Destruction and Renewal.
He is a Punisher Of Evil Forces.
He brought the gift of Kabbalah to humanity.

He has also lived in human form as Jacob. Other names for this Angel are Usiel, Uzziel, Oriel, Auriel, Suriel, Urian and Uryan.

This sigil can be used to call on Arch Angel Uriel as your guide in specific situations and as a specific guide.

Ask him to reveal the truth in situations that involve hidden truths and outright lies.

He seeks to create balance by punishing evil forces that seek to destroy humanity.

If we are dealing with darkness, he is a great protective guardian. He can show us the truths hidden within our shadow selves and guide us through the darkness and lead us into the light.

He is a great source to go to when mediation is needed to resolve a situation.

*Feel free to download and use this sigil.

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