Practical Magicks / Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Sometimes we do not have enough time to put together an entire work. Sometimes we rely on a simply Abracadabra or So Mote pIt Be.Magicks is in my mind largely intuitive. I feel that doing the craft work only signifys that we are committed to going further.

People have this idea that spell work means summoning the Devil and dancing naked around a fire. Some people do this and that is their choice. There are actually many, many ways to do this. This is only intended to add knowledge to our information file. I say dismiss it if it does not resonate.

I absolutely love doing Magicks myself. It helps me and the one I do it for. The same as with all other things we choose for ourselves what we will or will not do.

Being raised Christian taught me that we can simply speak our needs to God and he will hear us. I still believe this. I even believe in Jesus Magic. I’ve seen too many true miracles happen to deny it. I simply believe many things. I’m a Mystic that embraces spirituality in a higher form. – Moon Angel

“As long as you can focus your energy and set your intention your spell should work, so I’ve designed these 5 spells using just one word for a Witch who needs a quick fix.


Pronounced mar-e-quil
Used to calm a temper or an upset person. From the latin word for sea, mare, and the english word tranquil. Essentially you are calling the sea inside them to be still. For better results cast with wet hands.


Pronounced Uni-var
Used for faster transport. I use it at the train station to have a shorter wait time but really its designed for traffic lights. By combining uni from universe and vert,the french word for green, you’re essentially asking the universe to make your path green.


Pronounced Vis-e-did-en
Used to go unnoticed or invisible. Taken from the english words vision and hidden. For best results chant it softly while visualising yourself turning transparent.


Pronounced Lap-ag-na
Used when you just need someone to shut the f**k up but are too polite to say so. Taken from the Latin words lapis and magna, meaning stone and voice. For best results hold a stone or some earth while casting, if they’re really pissing you off just throw the stone or dirt at them.


pronounced Bav-are-ig-ni
Used to strike up a conversation or to continue a conversation. Taken from the French word bavarder, which means chat, and the Latin word ignis, which means fire. Basically you’re asking for the conversation to spark or catch fire. For best results flick a lighter in your pocket or light a match.”

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